Website Design

For consumer websites, design relates to what most users perceive as the entire site itself. On the web, users are very sensitive to design which is why it is usually referred to as "User Experience". Designing for these users requires taking a close look at your requirements, and figuring out how to create a design that is simple to understand and use. My design service includes producing wireframes, workflow diagrams, mockups, & working prototypes.

I will work with you to produce a site which not only meets these requirements, but allows you to quantify success. Some designs are just hands down better than others but what's important is whether the design is successful and helps the company meet business goals.

By integrating user behavior technology such as heat-mapping and analytics, we will be able to tell for sure whether your users are using your site properly. It's smart to hire a good designer, but why not if you can know for sure whether the design is in fact good for your business? This approach goes hand in hand with the Agile development methodology because if you launch sooner, you'll get user feedback sooner and be able to avoid potential design pitfalls altogether.

If you've got a design need, contact me.