At the beginning of every new project I ask the question, "How do you intend to drive traffic to your site?" Most people weren't aware it was something you have to even DO. As if it came naturally. In a way, it sort of does, or rather CAN - if you build the site properly. I like to lump together everything related to driving traffic as "marketing". Although online marketing is one of my core services, I've produced many offline marketing campaigns as well.

I've worked with big and small companies on every possible aspect of marketing including online and offline, from promoting web businesses to brick-and-mortar stores. What I can do for your business is assess your company and your online strategy (if you have one), and produce a customized marketing strategy. For online marketing, this can be as simple as setting up a Twitter account, to as complex as directing a team of dedicated bloggers and community managers. For offline marketing, this can include producing magazine or newspaper advertisements, store signage, or any other promotional material.

If you've got an online or offline marketing need, contact me.