Project: Scholastic Teacher Blogs

  • Technology used:
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • TypePad
  • Photoshop

Client: Scholasticlaunch site

  • Project Description

    Scholastic employs a team of dedicated bloggers who write about every aspect of education. They had a previous blog network built on the Lithium blogging platform which was proving to be inflexible and hindered their growth potential. I worked alongside a small team of developers while consulting for Tallan, Inc., who were able to migrate the previously existing data from the blog network over to the TypePad blogging platform. My role in this project was to slightly modify a previous design and replicate it across the new network of 30+ blogs. This included creating templates and graphics for all the blogs, and importing old blog posts and new author information into the blogs. This project was completed in less than a week and ended on a very positive note.