• Technology used:
  • Photoshop

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Client: Dave and Adam's Card Worldlaunch site

  • Project Description was designed around the time Dave and Adam's Card World was considering expanding it's e-commerce presence. Their parent website housed tens of thousands of unique products which were sometimes difficult to find amongst everything else. The idea was to create a new group of products drawn directly off the main product database to feed this site. Customers would configure their carts on, and then checkout through the parent site. This concept could have been applied to every niche product line they sold while simultaneously including niche social network features into each sub site. This would have effectively created a dominating network of e-commerce driven social networks in the sports and gaming industry.

    This was all in theory anyways, and it turned out that their parent site needed overhauling before anything else could get done. So like many projects, this one started out with an idea, and ended with a conceptual mock-up.