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My Goal Journaling Strategy forex peru es confiable This strategy describes a very simple system for simultaneously setting goals and keeping a short daily journal. Generally speaking, both setting goals and keeping a daily diary are nearly impossible to keep up for most people. I’ve designed this simple … Continue reading سوق الاسهم ابوظبي مباشر

1 Hour Open Chat (tonight) Wednesday Sept. 19th @ 9:00pm EST الخيارات الثنائية مضاعفة استراتيجية I’m going to try this out to see if I can’t get to know some of you all out there a little better. I will be online tonight at 9:00pm EST until 10:00pm EST during which time, if you IM … Continue reading

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What Does a “Friend” Really Mean Online?

böcker om valutahandel I’m not referring to real life, I’m talking about the ways in which different Social Networking sites use the “friend” term. On MySpace for instance, a “friend” usually is someone you really know – at least that’s the intention of … Continue reading konto hos forex

Verizon Wireless Success Story? forex king sts 2.01 Holy shit it must be my lucky month. First a positive encounter with Dell, now Verizon? Anyways, I had to write about it because that’s how it should work – if a company goes above expectations and does something that … Continue reading

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Use Gmail to Find Out Who’s Spamming You

تحليل فوركس للذهب This technique has been around for a long time apparently I just didn’t know about it. But now I know and I’m going to tell you about it. That’s just how it works folks. So, I’ve been using Gmail since … Continue reading تداول أسهم

Visual Twitter Launched

متى اشتري السهم ومتى ابيع Visual Twitter is an app which integrates Twitter’s own microblogging service with your Twitter user account with a accent on the photosharing aspect. Mashable reported this story this afternoon and I haven’t seen any other news about it since so … Continue reading

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Cashboard: …Blinksale’s long lost cousin?

اخبار الاسهم 7 3 2014 Need to manage projects? Cashboard gets you: – Multiple active projects – Set your hourly rate – Build estimates by breaking a project into tasks – Use an integrated on-screen time clock Here’s my initial thoughts on this service… 1) … Continue reading تعلم سوق الاسهم السعودي

Animoto – Sweet video mashups

تداول الأسهم الوهمي As of August 14th apparently traditional slide shows will be a thing of the past. Animoto combines your photos and music and creates a pretty nasty trailer-like video. Their competitive edge comes from their super secret AI technology which somehow … Continue reading

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Positive experience with Dell’s Customer Service

بيع أسهم زين I wanted to share this quick story about my experience with Dell’s customer service. I was visiting with my parents recently and notices their relatively new Dell 17″ Inspiron laptop computer had pink and yellow lines running down the screen. … Continue reading

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Product Review: Motorola Q Cell Phone