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How to Always Start VIM with ‘syntax: on’ I don’t know why it’s so hard to find this simple answer on the web. So, I’m writing it myself. Add this to your ~/.vimrc file: syntax on If you do not have a ~/.vimrc file, just create one: vim … Continue reading افضل الاسهم ارتفاعا بجده

Common Mercurial Commands

إيزي فوركس This post will mainly be a reference for me on the most used commands that I tend to forget. Hopefully you find it useful as well. Also, feel free to make suggestions and I will add them.

Learning Web Design: Adding Structure with CSS using Positioning, Floating, & Clearing Positioning, Floating, and Clearing are three fundamental pieces you need in order to add visual structure to your site. This is the second post of a two part series discussing how to add structure to your site with CSS. The … Continue reading

Learning Web Design: Adding Structure with CSS using Resets, Grid Frameworks, & LESS CSS You may have learned how to write rudimentary HTML, or even have come from a background of creating websites using tables, or neither. In any case, you’re at the point where you need to bring your site to life by … Continue reading

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Common Git Commands

هنا These are some common and useful commands to help you along with using Git. This post will grow as I think of more to add for future reference. Also, feel free to recommend any that you think are relevant.

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Learning Web Design: Basic JavaScript

سعر جنيه الذهب الان بالسعودية JavaScript is the most popular language in the world [citation]. It is the modern way to add dynamic behavior and interactivity to web pages. This article assumes you know nothing about JavaScript. This article is a precursor to the Intro … Continue reading

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Learning Web Design: Basic CSS

تفسيرهم CSS is the modern way to add style to an HTML web page. There are only a few fundamental concepts you need to grasp before getting started with CSS. In order of importance: How to connect CSS to HTML elements … Continue reading

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Learning Web Design – Series Introduction Starting January 27th I started teaching Web Design 1 at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City. I will be producing quite a bit of content in the next few months and I’ll use this blog to … Continue reading

Learn HTML5 Series Introduction

ثنائي خيارات التداول أدنى إيداع 100 I recently started a meetup group here in NYC called Learn HTML5 under the premise that there are “over 1 million Google searches each day by people asking what is HTML5?”. The purpose of the meetup is to answer that … Continue reading

What is HTML5?

كيفية ربح أموال من القمار In the last year I’ve seen an almost frantic rush of companies trying to find HTML5 developers, and subsequently a rush of developers scrambling to fill that demand. However, both sides seem unable to answer questions like, “What does HTML5 … Continue reading