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Web Browser Testing Matrix

here I want to introduce a process I have been using for the last several months on a web application currently in development. Our application is essentially a templating platform on top of which we can plug different content into an … Continue reading

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How to Install & Run Multiple Firefox Versions in Windows Simultaneously

كيف تجعل المال ينمو When developing websites, you need to test in multiple browser versions, at the same time. Fortunately Firefox has an easy way to do this.

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What Qualifications to Look For in a Web Designer

الخيارات الثنائية المغناطيس تسجيل الدخول Recently someone asked me this: “I’m looking to hire a local web designer. What qualifications should I be looking for?” Make sure you understand the difference between “web designer” and “web developer” before reading as it is the source of … Continue reading

The Difference Between a “Web Designer” and a “Web Developer” I started writing this as part of a response to a reader’s question and it ended up being such a rant, I decided to make it a whole new post.

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Building a Social Network: The Trademark Process Explained

الاسهم الاكثر ارتفاعا في السعوديه Ideally, an attorney should handle your trademark registration. Unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees so your only option may be to register the trademark on your own. Even if you complete this task on your own be prepared to pay … Continue reading

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Building a Social Network: Legal Concerns – There are Plenty!

سوق الاسهم السعودية تداول I’m going to take a couple of steps backwards to explain a certain necessary evil. With websites and social networks in particular there are a lot of legal issues that should be addressed. When I say necessary evil what I … Continue reading

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Building a Social Network: Have it Coded it or Use a Script?

مواقع الاسهم السعودية After quickly realizing this website was far beyond anything I could do with any kind of html editors, I started requesting quotes from multiple web design firms online by providing a generic description of what I was hoping to achieve. … Continue reading


All About

المشاعر التجار الخيارات الثنائية Recently I helped launch a website that I had been developing for over a year. It is called It is basically an interactive social network with a great combination of some of the best social networking sites out there. … Continue reading

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Viewing Compounded Stress as an Opportunity for Personal Growth

الخيارات الثنائية إشارات التداول 2017 I am a freelance web designer, I’m also a undergraduate student graduating this year, I also just started a small business, and am working on some exciting yet time consuming client projects. To say the least – I have a … Continue reading

Facebook = 50 Million Active Users?

أوقات تداول الفوركس Apparently I’ve been hiding under a rock recently. Can someone explain to me how true this statement is that Facebook has 50 million active users? Talk about my job being in demand.