Cashboard: …Blinksale’s long lost cousin?

راقب Need to manage projects? Cashboard gets you: - Multiple active projects
- Set your hourly rate
- Build estimates by breaking a project into tasks
- Use an integrated on-screen time clock

المكافآت Here's my initial thoughts on this service... cashboard.jpg

1) I like the overall look of the site.

هذا المشنور It's easy to understand immediately what the site does and what you can and should be doing next. The graphic details of the interface are a little amateur. I guess the most important thing is the functionality though right? تعلم التداول في الفوركس blinksale.jpg

2) It's a nice combination of what I used two services for in the past.

تداول اسهم شركة كهرباء I used to use SlimTimer and Blinksale. Honestly I haven't used either one of them at all in the last 30 days. It was just too much effort to coordinate them both. What I have been using is paper (with the help of iScrybe soon) and Google Docs. I'm going to give this service a try and see what happens.

3) It has many intuitive features

استخدم هذا الرابط I very quickly noticed how you can create individual projects, assign an hourly rate, break the project into tasks, estimate a high/low time frame and track your progress with a n on-screen timer.

ما هي تجارة الخيارات الثنائية -- Some funky things I noticed are that it's called "Cashboard", but the URL is and goes somewhere else. I don't know why that name was so absolutely necessary and they couldn't have just thought of something unique. Also, you can't really blame them for this, but the free account gets you 1 project only. I think the going rate for free accounts is a little higher. My point is that I should be allowed to see how it handles multiple projects before buying into it right?

تحويل أموال الفوركس On the bright side, their plan names are funny... here's how it breaks down with monthly cost & # of active projects you can have respectively: Vinyl plan - free - 1
Leather plan - $12 - 7
Alcantara plan - $22 - 15
Carbon Fiber plan - $40 - 35
Maple plan - $90 - 100
Anyways, I would suggest checking them out. I'll post some updates once I get to using it a bit more.

  1. Seth says:

    بوب إلى هذا الموقع Yo Dennis, thanks for the review – and glad you’re enjoying the service.

    انتقل إلى الموقع Let me shed a little bit of light on a few of your points, and raise a question or two as well. *Name*

    شركتي Unfortunately right now we’re in a lengthy review process with ICANN about the domain name. We hope to secure the proper name soon, but it’s a bit difficult as they move really slow.

    انتقل إلى الموقع The name was really important to us, so we chose to go like the other big web2.0 boys and secure a similar domain name in the interim. (Why does not go to 37signals?) People like to squat domains, which sucks.

    *Free Account / Projects*

    We feel the free account is definitely enough to get a feel for the system. And on top of that, if you feel like upgrading or signing up with a paid account off the bat you aren’t even charged for 30 days.

    You could sign up for the (max) Maple plan, and downgrade to the free account on day 29 and pay nothing. I think that’s pretty flexible…


    I’d be interested what elements you consider “amateur” about the design. When shown side by side with other services, it looks as if some of them are a bit carnival-esque in comparison.

    Perhaps I’m a bit biased as it’s my baby, but I’d love to hear specifics about what exactly you feel it’s lacking.

    - Seth, Subimage LLC

  2. admin says:

    Hey Seth!

    I want to say first I appreciate the time you took to produce such a thorough response. I won’t waste any more time in getting started with mine…

    First, I agree with you on 1) the first point – that people squat names. ALTHOUGH, using Basecamp as an example, they thought of a pretty catchy name that wasn’t already taken which in addition actually relates to their service. On the other hand, Flickr might have originally been planned to be named something like “PhotoShare” or whatever only to find out the name was taken. Fortunately they came up with something memorable and unique.

    In your case, say you had originally chosen “Cashboard” only to find out that someone heard about it, came along and scooped it up… how difficult would it be for you to come up with a different name? I would hope that you didn’t invest in any marketing prior to investigating something as critically important as the availability of your domain name. Look at almost all the other Web 2.0 names out there…. “Joomla” what the hell is Joomla anyways? You could probably get away with having called it “” or “” or some other asinine name (both of those names are still available BTW.)

    Honestly even at this point, your ranking is 3,748,992 so in my opinion, you still have time to consider changing names… again, unless you have spent significant money marketing your current domain.

    Regarding 2) the free account limit – I generally have more than one project going on in one month. If I’m going to make a sincere attempt at trying your service, I think it would be appropriate to be able to test how easily it is to manage multiple projects since that’s what the majority of your users are going to be using it for anyways.

    You’re most likely looking at a demographic of users who primarily are either not quite full time freelancers or who haven’t been freelancing for all that long. I fall into that category. I personally was interested in your service because it is something that I didn’t have to invest in initially and could try it out while also actually benefitting from the time it would save me.

    What you should consider is that if you can capture this demographic with a useful/attractive version of a free trial, then they (I) will spend more time learning how to use your system and when that happens, I will be less likely to switch to a competitor because of the higher switching costs since I have invested time already accomodating myself to your system.

    Finally regarding 3) the design.

    - You are using far to many different fonts.
    - The color choice is a little off
    - Your gradient variance is to great (some buttons go from a very saturated blue to a near white) Here’s an example of some buttons I have personally designed for some applications I’ve recently built. (I always make sure to pay specific attention to the details.)
    - The image quality is just too low. I can clearly see far too many glyphs.

    - I don’t get the graphical feedback that I would expect/like on basic elements. Specifically in comparison to Blinksale: everything on their front page that is clickable changes graphically if not only in the most minimal way by becomming underlined.

    - Your call to action is below the fold. Considering that very few people scroll down (which is a very common statistic) I would think you would have taken this into consideration. Then again Blinksale and Cashboard together share this flaw.

    These are just a couple of the things that stand out to me. I like to think I have a bit of a trained eye for these things, but I don’t think the things on your site require a trained eye to recognize. I honestly wouldn’t have pointed them out so specifically if it didn’t stand out so strongly to me.

    I still think there is a value to your service which I would like to try out. If you would allow me to test your “Leather” plan I would be glad to do so and even follow up this review with another at the end of the month. You can email me at dennis [at] dennisplucinik [dot] com.

    I am very open and available to consulting with you on some more specific details. I hope these suggestions have been helpful and please take them only as an educated opinion and not too close to heart. I understand how attached you can get to a personal projects but I can say from experience that I really enjoy hearing more honest advice from people from the beginning.

    If we don’t speak again, I do wish you the best of luck with the service!

  3. Seth says:

    Thanks for the detailed response. I really differ with you on a lot of your opinions, but I appreciate the time you took to think it all out and present it in a coherent manner.

    I’ll touch on a few things, then be on my way :)

    *Try out*

    Again, you can try any plan for free for 29 days. I feel this is well enough time to evaluate the system. Go ahead and even enter in fake billing information if you’re worried about the charge on your card. You’ll be given a notice after the system attempts to bill on day 30 that you need to fix things. There’s a 3 day grace period even after the 30 days to reconcile billing errors before accounts get put on hold.

    Our free plan is mostly geared towards starting freelancers who are basically using Word, Excel, or Pen and Paper to invoice at the moment.


    Cashboard is geared towards users with 1024×768 screens minimum. Nobody on the system is using 800×600, which would place some, but definitely not the major items, below the fold. Over here at 1024×768 the major calls to action are plainly visible. Perhaps you’re running a million toolbars? :)


    Looks like you’re using a PC. Unfortunately PC’s don’t have Optima, which is the main font used throughout the app (besides the logo). This has been a topic of discussion, and perhaps might be changed – but we’ll see……..

  4. Seth says:

    ….So I took your font comments to heart. Check out the interface, just pushed a little design refresh ;)

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