How to design a business card – Part 1

كيف تربح المال بالتصوير I just finished designing business cards for myself and for a coffee company I am starting. I've spent a lot of time pouring over "designer business cards" and "most incredibly designed business cards" articles. It's going to seem like I get annoyed pretty easily (which I do) but in the end, I believe it makes me appreciate the good designs even more when I realize how rare they really are.

It seems that there are a lot of designs being commended for their creativity and 'out of the box' thinking but I have some alternative opinions. I'm curious - who are the people applauding these designs? They're most likely not someone who's going to pay me for work and as such would never be in a position to even receive my card let alone critique how effective it is. Listening to these people is like asking a 15 year old what he thinks about the new Aston Martin sports car and then actually considering his opinion before you buy one. In reality, you'd most likely read a lot of reviews from experts about the car first though in the case of business cards, the expert is your potential client whom you can't directly ask whether your design was effective. The only way to confirm it's effectiveness would be if they called you back. I thought 'design' meant something like - engineering function and aesthetic to be complimentary. I have to admit, I lean more towards function. I also admit I love Google (speaking of perfect design). Their services are robust, complex and valuable, but they're so simple to use that you don't even notice it. That's the definition of design for me. When your site's interface looks pleasing and does what you want without hardly even having to ask, you know it's a good design. Google is simple and there are no flashy elements, shiny web 2.0 graphics or extravagant animations necessary. To bring this paragraph back into the spectrum of business card design, all I mean to say is: your business card should represent your business and encompass the primary points of the value of your business.

ثنائي خيارات تاجر المملكة المتحدة The following designs use a combination of creative & relevant print techniques while including all the necessary information. I really don't need to say any more, they speak for themselves:

طريقة بيع اسهم الاكتتاب في البنك الاهلي 126895602_21a30514d0.jpg This design is not gimmicky, it's very classical and balanced.

مواعيد العمل ٠ي سوق الاسهم السعودي business-card.jpg This design really creatively nails the purpose of the business while keeping the necessary info intact. This is real out-of-the box thinking.

بيع اسهم وربه 126896067_3f6dda5b8d.jpg This design uses an additional material + technique (which I haven't seen before) that immediately translates the type of business and is complimented by a very nice eye appeal. I would definitely feel bad throwing this one away.

السوق سعودي 54tyg.jpg This design is clean and to the point & uses a simple pattern on the back. It just feels like it makes sense.

check my reference hayes-card.gif This is a brilliant design which uses thermography to enhance the already eye-catching and super relevant logo.

موقع تداول سعودي business-card-design.jpg This designer used a couple different techniques (double sided printing, die cut corner and same color foil stamp) but managed to make them work together beautifully. Clicking the card image takes you to his site where he talks about the process behind this design.

دليل الخيارات الثنائية مبتدئين 40sardines.jpg This design just struck me as beautiful. Again, they used multiple techniques (additional materials added, double sided, letterpress, rounded corners) but the combination of them all together is stunning. I love the green color combination on both the reverse full bleed pattern and the letterpress across the front. They really compliment each other like a striped tie on a solid shirt. Their sense of style translates well here (though it seems quite expensive to have made.)

فتح حساب في فوركس p1010147_2.jpg This design combines the value of including an offer on the card though it's done in a subtle and tasteful way (pun) :/ Plus I really enjoy the fold around sticker. This is another good example of how difficult it is and how great it looks when you are able to bring multiple techniques together and arrive at a design which has both dominant & supportive elements but there is no struggle for power between them. للبيع اسهم الريان القطريه business_cards_and_other_ephemera_019.jpg This card is awesome. Though you could say the product lends itself to the design - having the ability to see that is the key. This is such a cool little card, it makes me want to find a use for some envelopes so I can order some from him. I mean seriously, who doesn't want a mini-envelope?

النتائج الخيارات الثنائية p1010039_2.jpg These cards are so graphically appealing it's ridiculous. The visual impact alone is so strong it doesn't need anything else to support it. The branding impact of this design is wonderful though the only suggestion I would make is to make the selling points "Quality Creative Services" a little more visible. Click here (and then click "Next >>" to see the back of the cards as well as some other branded printed material.متى-يتم-بيع-الاسهم-تداول-الاهلي sandstrom_design_28.jpg This is a perfect example of how you can use ultra clever copy to have a lasting impression (without spending a billion dollars) that is... if you are able to produce ultra clever copy in the first place - that's the key ;) Click here and then click "Next >>" to see a bunch more clever ideas from Sandstrom.

why not check here The following designs fall into the "Sorry but I can't quite figure out what exactly you do/did I miss something" category let alone the "what does your company do? " category. Consulting... ? Consulting what? A lot of these are for "designers" to whom I ask - what exactly do you design? Put it on the card.

special info 126895927_264849455f.jpg melvin.jpg 126896512_975e968a0b.jpg untitled-3.jpg business_card_361.jpg untitled-2.jpg untvitled-2.jpg untitled-3hh.jpg erferf.jpg 56432456.jpg fgbnjkl.jpg

حساب تجريبي لتداول الخيارات الثنائية The following cards fall into the "unnecessarily over the top/unpractical" category. The thoughts "who's really carrying any of these around in their pocket" came to mind when I saw these.

ارخص و افضل سهم في سوق الأسهم السعودي gvfrd.jpg 126896136_dadd530fa1.jpg business_card_670.jpg fdw2.jpg erdcerfvg.jpg ...I'm not going to continue putting these up because my head hurts & I won't cast any more stones because I just remembered that I'm not perfect. One thing I will give them is that I know if I got one of these "cards" I wouldn't ever throw it away. (I'd probably end up using it to level out a bookshelf or perhaps a wobbly coffee shop table). I think you get my point anyways.

Let's get back to the good stuff. Here's a quick tip - when designing for a specific industry, consider the principles of the industry and translate your understanding of them to the business card. For example, business/e-commerce web sites need to be several things - usable, accessible & creative (visually appealing) for starters. So your business card should reflect your understanding of this and that by hiring you to design a business website, your client is not going to pay you to waste time over-designing/over-thinking the project.

Subliminally, you're also showing that you understand purpose in that the purpose of a business card is to communicate effectively and efficiently and some will argue to make an impression. This display of knowledge of the purpose of your business card should translate to your client as knowledge of purpose in general and should support your professional brand.

For the record, this is my final choice for my own business cards - it will be on white cougar stock with simple thermography print:

(I'll make sure to match my website design to these before they go out.)

Discussing proper business card design is an on going thing as people (like myself) learn about how to do it correctly by reading what others have written before them. I hope you can use some of the advice I gave so far and aren't too offended if you're one of the people on the "don't do what these guys did" list. (If you are - I'll make it up to you and offer you my standard rate on a redesign.) Please continue reading about doing business cards the right way before you go out and get yours. Here are some great articles online from people with some really interesting and insightful perspectives:

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