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الخيارات الثنائية ندوات We noticed today that our Yahoo! Search Marketing campaign shows a conversion on the keyword 'baseball card sale' though it shows no clicks on that keyword for today. Google Analytics shows a conversion for the exact same amount though it credits Yahoo! organic for the conversion also indicating that the buyer typed in 'dave adam' into a Yahoo! search to find us, then purchased an item.

enter site Consider the following scenario:
If a user types in a search term and clicks our paid advertisement but does not immediately convert, then sometime after 24 hours later, the user searches for us in Yahoo! or Google or MSN, etc. because maybe they remembered our name, clicks one of our organic links, then they make a purchase.

source url My questions are:
1.) Does Google Analytics report a conversion as the result of a paid advertisement click when the conversion is not on the day of the click ONLY if between the time they clicked the paid ad and the time they make a purchase, they do not come to our site from some other referrer? (including a click on an organic link in a SERP)
2.) To ask it differently, are the only PPC campaign conversions that show up in Google Analytics for sales made >24 hours & <30 days from the sale ones which were made ONLY after the user either typed in our URL directly or came from a bookmark?

ثنائي خبراء خيارات تجارة السيارات If the answers to these questions are yes, then a portion of our organic conversions will be skewed by showing an increase in sales which maybe should have been attributed to a paid click. This is akin to a person remembering the name of a company from a tv, radio, billboard, magazine, etc. ad and then going to make a purchase. There's no way to tell EXACTLY what specific marketing effort actually caused that person to make a sale. I feel that it's a little easier to tell when it all happens online. This is apparently how Yahoo! feels since it's in their interest to show more conversions - they took credit for the sale. The flip side is that Yahoo!'s actions are akin to an ad agency taking credit for SPECIFIC sales to a company for which they just ran a large television ad campaign, even though that company was also running a dozen other advertisements in different markets and on a different form of media. Yahoo! is basically claiming to know what was the 'real' catalyst to the sale - them.

source Google: 1 - Yahoo!: 0

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