About Me

Hi, I'm Dennis PlucinikWeb developer / Brooklyn, NY

I am an educator & web developer specializing in JavaScript and HTML5. Earlier this year I taught an undergraduate Intro to Web Design course at Parsons New School for Design. In June I began teaching another 10 week intensive Front-End Web Development course at General Assembly. In August 2011 I joined Huge, Inc. as a Lead Front-End developer and have since worked with clients such as Target, Four Seasons, Comcast, Verisign, Pepsi, and others. Before Huge, I worked with Intuary, Inc. in May 2011 as the User Experience and Engagement Lead. Before that I spent about a year and a half with McGraw-Hill building a JavaScript framework for an interactive learning platform. In 2010, I co-founded Qube.ly (http://qube.ly) a QR code based mobile analytics platform.

My plans for the remainder of this year include taking some time off around November to focus on starting my family, working on personal projects, writing, and possibly teaching.

If you have a business question, you can grab my email off my contact page.

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